the soulmate ring

“My Victory ring is the perfect companion for life. He constantly reminds me of myself, my goals and motivates me to stay on my path with presence. It is specially made for me and my life, which makes it the ideal lifelong companion on the successful path through conscious living.

He is my personal goalkeeper and reminder in all situations. He is my ring, my success and my way. It symbolizes my growth and my decision to use my creative potential.”

The victory ring is a very special piece of jewelry that connects the spirit with the personal path of life. The ring is intended as a goalkeeper and is intended to remind us of our goals, calling and essence on a daily basis. The ring's design is derived from the Celestial Wheel, an eight-spoked wheel that represents an ancient alchemical symbol.

The meaning of this wheel is the balance between all elements within us.

The VICTORY ring combines elegant, simple design and precious metal with precious stones. The stones and signs that are processed in the ring are specially selected according to the horoscope, the energy fields, of the wearer and made into a special, unique piece by hand.

The eight spokes divide the ring into eight fields. Four of the squares are occupied by a jewel, the other four by a character.


The stones stand for the four different areas and, as already mentioned, are chosen on the basis of astrological, energetic requirements:

• the goal in life, here e.g. a stone is chosen, which should support the wearer to go ahead on his way and to stay true to himself.

• the emotional, this stone stands for the balance of one's own emotional world

• the mental, for the balance in thinking                                                                                                                                        

• the potentials, for activating skills and talents

The characters of the other four fields are:

• the personally chosen character (such as a personal symbol, name initial etc.)        

• a rune (a Celtic character)                                                              

• the archetypal sign (an essential sign)                                                                                                             

 • the Zodiac

Metaphysical Meanings of Precious Metals:

• Gold has a mood-enhancing effect and encourages action

• Platinum alloys connect our mental with the emotional


Feingold, Silvergranulat und lappländisches Gold
Victory Ring in 750 Gelbgold mit Brillanten

diamond variant

platinum variant

gold variant

VICTORY - diamond variant
(with internally flawless cut diamonds)

in 18 kt gold from 4800,-€
in 950 platinum from 5400,-€

the width of the ring is apr. 11mm | thickness ca. 2mm

VICTORY - platinum variant

in 950 platinum from2800,-€

the width of the ring is apr. 9,5 mm | thickness ca. 2mm

VICTORY - gold variant

in 18kt yellow gold from 2450,-€

in 18 kt Pd white gold from 2650,-€

the width of the ring is apr. 9,5 mm | thickness ca. 2mm

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Attention: Each Victory soul mate ring is custom-made and is specially designed and made by hand to the wearer's finger size, horoscope, energy. Usually about 4 weeks pass between order and completion. The ring comes with a description explaining the stones and symbols used.

Are you interested in a VICTORY soul mate ring made especially for you?

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