Welcome to the Vault!

Art has always had value through its production method, uniqueness, special feature, its expression.

We are excited to bring you valuable, exceptional art to the next level, connecting the metaphysical and physical with the digital world, creating art with function using NFT-twin, Proof of Art.  


Twin NFTs by Chris Rauch

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a smart contract, i.e. an intelligent, programmed contract on the blockchain, often symbolized by an image that the world knows as an NFT. It's not so much about the image, but rather what functions it offers.

Our art NFT twins are coupled with the respective work that is depicted on it and are transferred to the buyer with the acquisition of the respective piece. At the same time, the NFT represents the certificate of authenticity.

Treasures of art have been lost over the centuries, with the Nft we want to ensure that this doesn't happen with your Chris Rauch piece.

Whether you are interested in owning and enjoying unique handcrafted art in precious metals and stones by Chris Rauch, or want to invest in our art, the twin Nfts offer you an opportunity.

For example, the piece can remain stored by Chris Rauch (keeping it in the vault), giving you the opportunity to sell the work of art at any time via the online platform Opensea.io and thus benefit from an increase in value.

At the same time, it enables those interested in art to place bids for a work of art that has already been sold, to name just a few of the technical possibilities of NFTs.

Your NFT is magic


Your Chris Rauch NFT can do much more. It's magic in digital form.

For them it means access to the Secret Vault Club by CR, with all its functions.

Exclusive access to only members events, promotions and much more.

Secret Vault Club

  • Access to the exclusive members area
  • Access to exclusive events
  • Proof of Art Concept
  • Access to exclusive promotions and sweepstakes


The roadmap shows where the Secret Vault Club is headed.
  • 21.12.2022Proof of Art concept

    First distribution of the sales proceeds of the collection from the Vault in the amount of 3% divided by the members in house coins.
  • September 2023First 10 NFT sales

    By September 2023 it is planned to create and sell the first 10 pieces as NFT.
  • Oktober 2023Castle Event

    After the first 10 members have been accepted into the Secret Vault Club, the first exclusive event will take place in the Castle.
  • Oktober 2023raffle

    A special piece from the Vault will be raffled among the members of the Secret Vault Club.
  • Oktober 2023Expansion of the Vault Club

    The new pieces are introduced and the next round begins.
  • 21. Dezember 2023roadmap extension

    Expansions, actions in the Vault Club are announced.

Proof of Art - the power of Kreation

The PoA concept is based on the image of nature and stands for the constant cycle of creation and development.

The Vault Collection is intended to be an ongoing collection with 10 new unique pieces of art being added each year.

Every time these 10 works are sold, a drawing takes place among all members, in which an 11th piece that cannot be purchased is raffled

By owning an NFT twin:

· they have the chance to be drawn regularly in the collection's internal lottery. 

Receives a 3% share of annual sales of the Vault Collection in smoke tokens.

These tokens can then be used to purchase pieces and other special offers.

Would you like to become part of the Secret Vault Club and invest in an extraordinary work of art by Chris Rauch?

Then you're on  OPENSEA the possibility to view the available collection.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us directly!