Unique art

With my works I stand for fine, beautiful, living art that depicts the metaphysical on the physical plane. The creation of one of my artworks often takes between 50 and 200 hours of work, energy and love and each piece is invariably a one-off, reflecting the beauty and grace of the universe and the cycle of the earth in the rhythm of life, immortalized in gold and stone .People, it's often the little things, our corners and edges that make us unique individuals. For this reason, it is important to me that my work conveys a story, information, a frequency that stimulates thinking, dreaming and feeling not only in the subtle, but also in the physical.


Since 2022 there have been hybrid forms of my work as NFT twins on Opensea for the first time, where the NFT reflects the physical counterpart and expresses ownership. NFT twins are only available through the Opensea platform. With the purchase of a Nft, the owner also receives complimentary membership to the Secret Vault Club and access to all Club benefits.
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"The Vault"

The Tresor(Vault) represents Chris Rauch's community area on the Discord. Future events, projects, auctions, first impressions of new works and much more are shown here. in Kürze verfügbar.